The origins of tea

According to legend, tea was invented by chance in China in 2737 BC when some leaves fell into the Emperor’s cup of hot water while he was resting in the shade of a tea tree. Tea arrived in Europe much later (in the 17th century to be precise), first of all in its fermented version (black tea) because it was much better suited to spending long months in the holds of ships. Today people all over the world drink tea and it is the most-consumed beverage in terms of volume, not counting water. Every day, new people discover the pleasures of drinking tea.

A beverage that’s drunk all over the world

After water, tea is the most universal drink. It is prepared differently according to people’s origins, customs and religion. Every year some 4,000,000 tonnes are produced and 1,200 billion cups of tea are drunk, in other words 36,000 cups every second, which corresponds to an annual consumption of 600 grams per inhabitant. In some countries it is the national drink, whereas in others its consumption remains an exception rather than the rule. Tea is however always appreciated for its freshness, its taste, its infinite variety and health benefits. Compagnie Coloniale invites you to discover its exclusive selection of natural and flavoured black teas, green teas, white teas, rooibos and herbal teas, as well as new articles such as iced tea and chocolate caramel tea.


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