Founded in Paris in 1848

Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest tea brand in France, founded in Paris in 1848. It settled down for a long time at 19 avenue de l’Opera. At the beginning, the company operated in importing and selling chocolate, and then, tea became its priority and specialty as the market was flourishing at the end of the XIX th century.

Genuine Teas

Its history has been illustrated by talented designers who have created famous posters, real testimony to the spirit of the times, which now belong to its heritage.

Since then, Compagnie Coloniale has continuously paid attention to the selection of its various teas, of the delicate aromas, has created exclusive blends, and has innovated in launching iconic tea boxes.

A “made in france” brand

The tea House is still animated by its inherited know-how and vivid passion, which controls all the transformation and packing process in its own factory in France.

For your great pleasure, our “made in France” brand exposes in here all its discoveries and creativity