Tea Selection

We manage a double business, in one hand, we import, blend and flavor in France quality teas, and in another hand we distribute our products through an upmarket retailer network.

Compagnie Coloniale is famous for its high quality teas, and particularly for the characteristic shiny aspect of a specific selection of our black flavoured teas which go through our unrivalled steam-flavoured process.

Flavor & Flowers

Our in-house know-how involves moisturizing the leaves and aromas with hot steam in an endless screwed stainless steel vat. Aromas stick to the leaves during the drying process, which brings a double benefit:

• It gives a natural caramelized brilliance aspect to the leaves with fruits, spices and flowers sourced from all around the world

• It flavours regularly the leaves, and brings a faithful flavour from the nose to the mouth

The blends in tea bags are strictly the same as loose teas. The berlingo® tea bags, with a specific and stylish shape, made in France in a silk like fabric allows the leaves to unveil all the flavour during infusion.