Mini Iced Teas -Yuzu étoilé & Reine des Vergers

Two special flavours for a fresh and tasty teatime !

This box contains 6 enveloped tea bags with two original flavours :

• Le Yuzu Étoilé- 3 sachets - Green teas, yuzu, green apple and star anise

• Le Reine des Vergers - 3 sachets - Green tea Sencha and wild peach

Weight : 48 g (6 teabags x 8g)

How to prepare : Infuse one tea bag in a half liter of hot water at 80°C during 4 minutes, then remove it and let it cool slightly. Leave it on the fridge and add for example sugar, juice or fruits pieces.. according to your taste, before serving.

7,11 €